Within these pages you will find "THINGS"  and  "STUFF"  that I find interesting about my personal environment in the mountains.  The images of flowers and "bugs" are the real thing, picked and thrown down on the scanner.  Most of the photographs are mine,  scanned and not as perfect as they would be with a digital camera which was forthcoming this last Christmas.  It hasn't had much use yet, however I can hardly wait until good weather gets here and I can start sharing more of northernmost California.

Flowers, leaves, fungi, etc. are just put up as they appear -   in season - which is why there are pink heirloom roses as well as dahlias from the yard among the fall foliage and fungi, because that was what was happening here in the Wildlife Sanctuary at the time.

You will notice that I find snakes and spiders as beautiful as flowers, some are native, some not, most are alive when I scan them and then I return them to wherever it is that they were found. And don't ask  why clotheslines whisper to me, but they do.    One of these days, when I have more time for web site management, I will undoubtedly organize, thumbnail and catalog the images.

Until then, it's a random tour, much as I find life and the beauty that is