"Pinky" relaxes in the Kitty Garden
What can I say bout Pinky - except that he, like his best buddy, Black Yoda, is a favorite with the grandaughters and looks great in a pink crocheted dolly's dress.

Teenager, Angela Tanner, rescued Pinky and his sibling, Andy, as kittens from the clutches of "two little boys" who had thrown the other two female litter-mates off of the North Street Bridge into the Sacramento River.  Bless you, Angie!

Andy was not as robust as Pinky, and when he quickly died, we found, besides the obvious break in his tail, other breaks in his legs and a strange bulge in his lower abdomen.  These kittens had been  terribly abused, which makes us cherish our little survivor even more!  Such a contrast:  the teenager who took the time to rescue and protect  them had  more respect for life than the "little boys" did. (Angela has a great deal of natural class and grace) . Always, I will wonder where the parents were when the kittens were being abused, and why these children had access to a place as dangerous as the bridge over the Sacramento River.  Neither of
them would have survived a fall off of the bridge either.

Pinky's name came easily enough.  At least two supporters of the TamaracHigh charitable endeavors,  had grandmothers with orange cats named "Pinky".   It is in their honor that this rotund furball carries on the tradition.  My personal fondness for him comes from memories of my first kitten as a child,  an orange kitten that I named "Snoopwiggy", and the fact that Pinky is just plain lovable.

Pinky's friend,