I studied Agriculture and Agricultural Law at Shasta Community College in Redding, and then worked  for several years as a secretary for the Shasta County Agricultural Commissioner and Sealer of Weights and Measures, an Agricultural Law Enforcement  Agency.  I took a part time position with the Carter House Science Museum in Redding, and then went to work full time as Curator of Live Exhibits, specializing in natural habitat enrichment, working extensively with native species, including the development of interactive zoological educational programs for area shcools as well as on-going in house public presentations.  

  I have recently retired after 23 years as a Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator and Rehabilitation Instructor, Raptor Specialist and Educator, developing the north state's first Live Wild Bird of Prey  Educational Program and Mobile Public Exhibit/Show which traveled extensively from the Oregon Border to Los Angeles.  I'm trained in Raptor Medicine, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy and Animal Behavioral Science with California University at Davis and The Interational Rehabilitation Council.  Working to bring children and their wildlife together, I also led a 4-H Wildlife Rehabilitation Project in the mountain community of Whitmore on the slopes of the Cascade Range of Northernmost California, teaching children to heal and care for their locally  injured wild animals.

Currently, while still available for rehab consultation,  I direct the "Tamarac Wildlife Sanctuary" in Whitmore, a small private enterprise which also hosts a rescue program for Bengals, abandoned and feral cats, displaced dogs and horses.  In addition, I established and manage a private emergency aid foundation called "Martha Street Sanctuary of the Heart" in Anderson , California, which now focuses on aid to victims of wildland fire, and sheltering the displaced domestic animals of the victims of wildfire.  I lead a California Junior Grange project in the neighboring  community of Manton in  developing a wildlife sanctuary and historical heritage garden on the Grange property.

I have been a cerfified Reiki Master, trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho method since 1995, using the Energy Arts daily and extensively in treating injured and orphaned native wildlife, with emphasis on my personal specialties, Birds of Prey and Predator Mammals, treating my own and neighbor's domestic animals as well.  Most recently I am studying "Tibetan Vortex Balancing."

Using Homeopathic and Herbal remedies on animals for many years, I added Flower Essences only seven years ago.  I now personally gather native flowers in season, (which I photograph and catalog), infuse them into water from an Ancient Sacred Native American Spring in the volcanic area of the Cascade's Mount Lassen, verified as a power point on the World Energy Grid.   Combining this with floral waters
I bottle a holistic mist for use with Healing called 

My first love is birdwatching, horsepacking and camping in wilderness areas.  My hobbies  include original porcelain overglaze art,  I keep a medicinal and culinary herb garden, love to cook and you will never find me far from children or animals. 
My conferred Native American Name is "High Eagle Warrior Woman," in honor of the work done to help educate the public and preserve the Bald Eagles of California that are so dear to our Native Americans, although I see myself less a warrior than as an "Advocate for All Life."

Training for Reiki, Tebetan Vortex Balancing, or Animal Healing is conducted in the on-site
Medicine Lodge by appointment only and limited to  two students at a time